Geriatric Services

Treating geriatric patients requires a very unique type of doctor. Patience and understanding are critical to a good doctor patient relationship.  Dr. Salwan and Dr. Ashima are the visiting physician for numerous assisted living, nursing home, and memory care facilities.

A comprehensive geriatric exam will include an assessment of current symptoms and illnesses and their impact on the patient.  They will also include the following…

  • Current medications, their indications and effects.
  • Relevant past illnesses.
  • Recent and impending life changes.
  • Objective measure of overall personal and social functionality.
  • Current and future living environment and its appropriateness to function and prognosis.
  • Family situation and availability.
  • Current caregiver network including its deficiencies and potential.
  • Objective measure of cognitive status.
  • Objective assessment of mobility and balance.
  • Rehabilitative status and prognosis if ill or disabled.
  • Current emotional health and substance abuse.
  • Nutritional status and needs.
  • Disease risk factor screenings, and health promoting activities.
  • Discussions of advanced directives, living will, and power of attorney.
  • immunizations for Shingles, pneumonia, tetanus, and flu.