Weightloss Services

We are Proud to announce that Dr. Ashima Salwan has recently become a Certified Bariatrician by The American Board of Obesity Medicine.

We provide a wide range of weight loss solutions to our clients.  We provide dietary and behavioral modification with supportive medication when needed.  No one choses to be obese, it is a chronic disease that we treat with compassion.  Our goal is to make sure you are at a healthy weight that allows you to have the lifestyle you chose.  We have had numerous success stories with patients losing over 100 pounds.

We have seen that even a 5%-10% weight loss provides significant weight loss.

Why should you seek help from Advanced Internal Medicine?

  • Your weight loss program will be physician supervised.
  • We balance education, activity, nutrition, and appetite management.
  • We closely monitor our patience that are using medication to ensure safety.
  • This is not a gimmick or a quick fix.  We work with patients to change their lifestyle and improve their health and quality of life.

“I want to help my patients conquer their weight issues. Obesity is an epidemic across every demographic in this society and yet there are people who don’t understand that obesity is a disease. The long-term consequences of obesity are heart disease, orthopedic issues, depression, stroke, and even death.  I want to provide a safe place for patients to talk about their issues and get the advice and medication they need to succeed.” Ashima Salwan, MD